Reviews for "'18'"

hell yea

thats what im talkign about gow up but i will remain a child on the inside forever

Akitta responds:

Exactly, my point. =3 rock on! I..I,


ur turning 18 huh? soon? u'll be able to look at porn =D w00t Happy 18th birhday buddy!!! 10/10 5/5

Akitta responds:

Thank you. =D

I'm alittle late...

Ok... I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay late. Happy 18th birthday. :]

Akitta responds:

thanks =3

growing up is for pussys....

because we gotta wait for that shit to hit 18 to tackle it! im 19 going on 20 and all i can think about is going back to high school for another run! welcome to being old and haveing to explain to people why you'd rather have fun than have a job....HAPPPY DEATH DAAAAAAY....TTTOOOOOOOOOOOO YYOOOOooooOOOOUUUUuuuuUUUUU!
ps cool flash

Akitta responds:

yyyyes, I know...thats why I made this. X3

very nicce


Akitta responds:

thanks X3