Reviews for "'18'"

hell yea

thats what im talkign about gow up but i will remain a child on the inside forever

Akitta responds:

Exactly, my point. =3 rock on! I..I,

its ok


Akitta responds:

m'kay. =3

I liked it

Could have been a tad longer...? Maybe. Thats what i think many people would think... However to completely contradict myself i think it was good as it was. Just the right length, sweet and simple. And good. Nice original idea as well.

Akitta responds:

Thank you for the constructive review....here is an unconstructive respond: YOU GET COOKIE! X3X3X3

Again, thank you.

It's ok

Happy birthday :3

Akitta responds:

Thank you very much. =D

very nicce


Akitta responds:

thanks X3