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Reviews for "sadistic Tetris violence"

great game!

i really loved it xD

oh when the tetris gose hi water comes

I'll be honest...

the only thing that caught my attention in this game was the music you used, because the rest is boring and unoriginal, hope you do better on your next works, i know you have the potential

Not Awful

And that's really about the sum of it. Tetris is cool, but I can't really credit you with that idea, and the controls were a little touchy. The music was an interesting remix, but it just kept on looping. And the animation of the mario box on the side could have been better than a pixelated image that just hops around. However, it helped me waste ten minutes, which is always a plus....


It's pretty repetitive, even though you did spice things up after every level.

And Mario wouldn't die.

hulster responds:

when you keep playing the game eventually he dies around level 5

thanks for the review