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Reviews for "sadistic Tetris violence"


i agree with what some of the other reviews say it was just tetris i mean i have that on my phone you should add more to it to make it better


Well it was tetris ..
But as people've said: when you make a remake of a classic you've got to make it special in some way. This game could've used more work on graphics, and the fast drop button was kinda delayed, it took some time before the brick started falling faster, which was irritating.

So could've used more work I'd say.

Not interesting

There are too many versions of tetris out there and most of them are better than this, it just doesn't cut it I'm afraid!

Not Awful

And that's really about the sum of it. Tetris is cool, but I can't really credit you with that idea, and the controls were a little touchy. The music was an interesting remix, but it just kept on looping. And the animation of the mario box on the side could have been better than a pixelated image that just hops around. However, it helped me waste ten minutes, which is always a plus....

Good job.

I liked the game. the controls were kind of unresponsive sometimes though. The music started looping over the original loop when you started a new game too. Good game overall.