Reviews for "Valhalla Knights 2"


of cource its great but damn how many years have it beeen!!!
I am stil waiting when you are going to make a third movie of the real legend :P
Come on dude dont let us wait so long!!

Very very very very very --- very? VERY, GOOD!

Mee likes soo totally this flash. Mee likes to see more, mee waits.

Mee gives full ranks, mee likes this flash movie veeeeeeery muchos!

biught fucking time!

i have been waiting 3 years for another one! hell ya i loved it.


This kicks ass. Great job. I wish there were more series like this on Newgrounds. Hopefully it doesn't take another 3 years to see episode 3. =P

Awesome concept!

Really nice story!! Can't wait to see where the story goes!