Reviews for "Valhalla Knights 2"

The animation has been improved for this one, as has the audio quality. Hope to see more of your Flashes and especially Valhalla Knights soon. The young woman defiantly has a story to tell, and I want to find out what it is, espeically with the connection to the jewel Ken wears!

Pretty nice. The animation is superb. and the dialogue is believable. The fight scenes were cool. Although, there were some things that sort of bothered me. First off, why were the 2 silent lovers Ken stared at in a fixed position for half a minute. They should have talked or leaned closer in for a kiss. They should have done anything that gave us the impression they were animate beings instead of colored statues. Secondly, how could Ken grip a blade sharp enough to impale the side of that undead giant's face without severing or at least gashing his own palm? As for his decision to carry a nude, unconscious woman to his house at night, I can vividly imagine him telling his account of being a retired cop who battled Nordic demons sent by Loki to save a woman who appeared out of a magic necklace to bunch of cops while handcuffed and slammed against the hood of a police car. If it were me, I would have simply went my merry way home after killing the demons, leaving the girl behind. Aside from that, I actually like this series a lot, and I eagerly anticipate the next episode.

The people demand more!

This is one of the best flash I have seen in a long while.
The story line is fantastic and the graphics are also very good. Thumbs up to You.

Good enough for tv!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey if anyone tells y ou that this sucks tell them to shove it because this is tv good!


this is probably the best flash i have EVER seen! i want to say something about what you said. do Not shorten these! make full episodes and get this on TV! keep animating, push yourself, get others involved, and you'll get the best flash series ever made. i love it! you need to make a full series about this!