Reviews for "Valhalla Knights 2"


Quite amazing work here. Maybe add a scene selection because it froze half way and I needed to watch everything over again to get to the same point.

Nice looking, and good in length

Though I felt the story was uninteresting and generic, and some artwork looks messy, it's overall entertaining and nifty to look at. A lot of the animation is more-sp pseudo-animation, it still manages to look clean. The effects are great and the sound is pretty clean. Once again there is pointless near-nudity, which I think the cartoon could have gone without. The cartoon stopped playing for me at this part with an undead guy bleeding from the eye, even though it was fully loaded, and refuses to go beyond it, so I cannot see the full cartoon. I won't deduct anything for this, however, because it's either a Firefox issue, or it's an issue you will have resolved soon enough. Anyway, it's overall a good follow-up that people should check out.

Wow nice.

This is awesome. The graphics and music were sweet as. The only problem is, and maybe it's just my computer, but it randomly stops when the guy/thing is stepping on Ken's hand and is looking down on him.

But nonetheless it rules.

GREAT STUFF!!! but you have a bug...

Dude, it looks awesome, but the movie blocks once the one-eyed guy pins the protagonist down... might wanna fix that.
Apart from that, good stuff...

very nice

i like where the story is going and the animation is stunning for a flash. my only problem was it stopped. idk if it was meant to but even then it was an odd stop. write when the one eyed guy stands on the kids hand.
looking forward to more