Reviews for "Green Expedition"

This rivals Cheshyre in the techno category here on Newgrounds. And that's no small accomplishment, considering he makes all the music for the Madness Combat series. Which you know is the most popular franchise on Newgrounds that isn't made by the staff/Egoraptor or features adult content. Yeah, I'm not joking lightly here. In fact I'm not even joking at all, I just worded that last sentence a bit strange and want to leave it for comedic value. I've literally put this track on the same list of favorites that includes songs by Cheshyre (obviously), Dan Paladin, The Weebl...hmm, it also has quite the few Waterflame songs as well, who's only the composer for Castle Crashers. And now that I've checked, I can proudly say that the favorites list it was added to was indeed my own.


Nice and upbeat! Great beginning, and you kept it up for the rest of the song! Very enjoyable to listen to. Fantastic work!

Stratales responds:

Thank you!