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Reviews for "DevilSlayer V-2"

Great animation

This is the type of animation people will remember. You have obviusly put a ton of work into this, and you can tell in everything from the smooth motion to the storyline. If you keep this series at this level it will really be something remarkable

JazLyte responds:

Oh I did put in some work on it. 'Preciate the compliments. Still working on making it even better.

Jazz is a straight up gangsta XD

He spins the demon and slams it into the window, then kicks it through!! that was hella gangsta right there XD it's short, but it' was just a practice animation so it's cool. kickass work as always bro!

5'ved !

JazLyte responds:

Hecks yeah he is! loln Thanks man, 'preciate it =D

That was some good shit man

Great animation, the fight scene was magnifisent, and the graphics are awesome 2. Keep it up man.

Love the series

Can't wait to see more.