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Reviews for "DevilSlayer V-2"

Nice film

So here was a nice little gem find I thaught it was pretty good the story was the main part here and that really made it work well so props to you on a great story you have here it was pretty awsome I have to also say the graphics we're pretty smooth too very well done and an awesome piece indeed so keep doing what you do because this is awesome stuff


This wasn't as good. There was much less action. It was just an epilogue. It was still enjoyable. I appreciate this animation style. There's that gay reporter again. The announcer said it was "Neopolis".

It's "Necropolis". You need to keep your terminology consistent. This at least had some action scenes. It's so hard to keep track of all the series here. There are few new ones.

still dont like the buff black gay news reporter..

that is all


i give you a 9 because its to god damn short.

It's very short

I looked over some of your older animations, and you have obviously improved A LOT. But this should have been longer. Otherwise, good.