Reviews for "Wii Are Sold Out"

I'm sooo glad

That I work at GameStop where we sell game systems(and games)... OH YEAH! Wii for me!!! Lol...but that little animation right there was too funny!


Nice one...I love the random screaming and his gigantic angry eyebrow XD
also the dude wanting the wii moved like in cheap power rangers/anime stuff...which was funny too. 5 and 10 ^_^ good job!


so true


this is funny...but why are people so streotype about japenese people...but still this was too f****ing funny


THAT WAS LIKE, SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Lol, best flash I've seen in a while. BUT, just throwing this out there in case anybody was wondering, the only reason everybody is out of stock is because Nintendo makes to few ON PURPOSE. That way they can say that their sales have been better than Microsoft's or Sony's sales. And the inevitable reason why nobody has any. Way to be lame nintendo! I mean seriously though, they could EASILY make enough wiis for everybody BUT, that means leftovers, and that means that Sony or Microsofts sales could be more better!