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Reviews for "IK demo"

Great new idea!

I give this game my unofficial 'Unique Game of the Week' award. I love games that are different from your average puzzle game, and this one definetely makes the cut. 10/10, 5/5. Let me know when the next version comes out!

Great Job!

This game shows an excellent amount of creativity along with a challenge. Some people may say that "It's too hard" or "the controls are too sensitive" but it adds to the challenge. Certain levels are much harder than others (level 5 compared to 6) and there may not be much space. SPOILERS IN NEXT SENTENCE. Tip: In certain levels, you can flip around to make it easier.

Level four seemed daunting, but it can be done quite easily. This game is great for those who love puzzles and challenges but it's definitely not for those who have a short attention span and want immediate rewards.

This also gets my "Unoffical Game of the Week" award.

best flash

This is the best flash on Ng evar
But one level cant be completed, a bug or a silly ending?
worth 10/10

EstevanGalvez responds:

its a demo.


Beats the pants off the "Kill the Cake" game. And yet that had the humor, so it's awesome, too.
No problems; great game!

fun quick game

I think you should make 2 modes of play. One like this, where wasd control the white dots directions only and the other where "w" is up "s" is down and "a" and "s" rotate the white dot around the grey one in a circle. The second modes lvls should be harder.
Another thing that would be cool are areas in the map that force you to face one way, with a thin tube leading out so you cant scitch back. That way you can have the skillful moving and the fun "running from stuff" areas in one lvl.
Good job and i hope to play the real deal soon.