Reviews for "*Flying High* (ZeRo BaSs)"

Really makes you fly

It makes your soul want to soar up into the sky with endless hopes and dreams.
It reminds me of one of the songs in The Neverending Story.


stupid ng, u cant vote 20/10, i guess u will hav to deal with a 10


sorry cant really review im too busy listening to this TOTALLY AWESOME song! :D

A legend lives in music!

The Never Ending Story rocks my socks. More than you'll ever know. This song rocks. You rock. Keep on rockin!


Throwin' up the horns!

Oh my god!

I lovedm this movie, haven't seen it in years! But I recognized it right away. Anyone who has never seen The Neverending Story and is reading this review, go now, see it. That's what fantasy is about, not Lord of the Rings. Dude, this song alone got you on my Favorite Artists list. Not only did you remake a great song, but you did an honor to it, most people would probably just mess it up. Simply amazing!!! You RULE!!!