Reviews for "*Flying High* (ZeRo BaSs)"

Very cool.

Sounds like sonething from the Blinx games. I like those games.


sounds like 2 things 6 flags and halftime at a football game.

Awesome & asking

I'm thinking in take a minigame made in powerpoint to NG as a flash and I want to ask you for this song: Can I use it in my game, please???

PS: I only can say: 15/15


I'm a little in doubt if this is a remix of Neverending Stoy, because I hear some melody of it in this, but if it really is, I think it's the greatest remix of that song. ^^
But anyway, this is awesome! :D This song really makes my day! :D
May I have the high quality mp3 please? ^^^
By the way, I'm no music expert. I'm just trying to find music that I like and I just found one :D

Without a doubt the best song I have ever heard.

The title says it all. This is a very well put together song. The synthesizers lift the spirits of all who listen to it. The drums sound great, as well. I like it how you put the applause into it to make it sound realistic. Like you said, you need a high quality MP#, but very good headphones as well. You hit the arrow right on the bullseye. Perfect 10. Keep up the awesome work, man.