Reviews for "*Flying High* (ZeRo BaSs)"


need, high...quality MP3, plz?

"at..least ill... die happy..."
and with that, he turned up the stereo and the resulting shockwaves caved his house in...

in memory of... unidentified?

That was fun.

I can see why you call it flying high, like you've won something very important. If this is a lower quality version I'd love to hear the higher quality version. Hit me up on PM if you see this.

Excellent !

Wish i had your talents, absolutly love this track, amazing work !

Angel xx

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

<3 u ^_^

i love it

i really do love this song much respect to you man keep it up

me again

again, same thing as i put in your most recent reveiw, i think the bass drum is a bit too piercing, it undermines the rest of the track. i think a deep bass drum with an echo or reverb would sound prettyful, still, synths kick ass although i couldnt hear much bass : /

{poor pun alert}

(zero bass you could say...)