Reviews for "Metro.Siberia"


Its just great but I wish there were more of these expresses though :P I played this game like 5 months ago but I forgot to review it. Its good like the sound effects and the blue-neon animation! Great job!!

P.S Make another one :)

Good Job

It needs a reset button, but the music and the "SPACE" is cool :). I ones got a cool bug, it's here: http://img147.imageshack.us/img147/51 13/picture4iv6.png
Isn't this game cool?


A very good game with a nice techno soundtrack. It needs checkpoints however. Very good design.


Very awsome game and very creative

It's a great game.

The controls and graphics are smooth, and you get the idea that you're going through a real city.

I really like the futuristic feel you gave to the game.

Nice work.