Reviews for "Metro.Siberia"

this is fun

the highest score ive ever gotten on this game is 10904756

Very fun retro game

-The graphics were excellent, smooth lines throughout and that green is amazing. It also had a good framerate too, although little variety and not a huge amount of detail.

-Thegameplay was extremely challenging and at the same time rewarding. This will keep quite a few hooked for a while, although checkpoints as an optional feature would be nice for those wanting to explore the entire level, plus its very repetitive but in this case the design of levels more than make up for that.

-There was great music in all three levels, not much background sound to speak of though, although this aims for that retro feel.

- This game is very fun overall with little extras like the speech in easy mode, the beautiful menu design this game is a highly polished piece of work, with good, yet not entirely original gameplay. the helicopter game with a twist, and one for the better too.


hey its not easy after like 500 distance and on what lvl, ps u should make this downloadable its awsome!

Too Easy


this game is EASY!

Really fun!

Great game!, I love the game play, it's like a much improved version of helicoper, and the music is awesome. My only vice with this game is the utter lack of checkpoints! I can't describe how frustrating it is when your having an amazing game but then you die and you have to start all over. Aside from this flaw you did a terrific job.