Reviews for "Metro.Siberia"

Great game

Nice animation, like an extremely polished Vib Ribbon for Playstation, cool music, like Sonic the Hedgehog, and nice addictive gameplay. Could've done with an instant restart feature instead of taking you back to the main menu though..

You fixed helicopters old problems and made it fun

Helicopter was always a frustrating game, because you could easily find yourself totally out of place with no room to correct yourself. You really fixed this. The controls are incredibly smooth, the backgrounds very fun, and the dynamic scenery kept me guessing. It felt like an old sonic game or something. A very simple concept that didn't try to do anything epic, but made a really fun game.

Good controls + good theme + varying levels of difficulty. Great game!

nice working

The audio definitely makes the experience. At first i was skeptical of 'just another helicopter game' but i certainly enjoyed myself for about 8 seconds. Good game for sure.


This game is better than Helicopter. Except in some parts it's really hard to tell when a big cliff is coming. Other than that, sweet.

Not my cup of tea, but it's allright

This is some nervewrecking oldskool shit. Some people may like that, I don't. I'll give you 7 stars, because in it's sort it's quite good.