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Reviews for "Tether Your Consideration"

I'm really liking this!

This is exactly the kind of music I love. Really enjoyed the surround effects. When they first kicked in at 15 I looked around thinking that someone was knocking on my door! (Bravo)

Really neat effects, and a glitchy feel, really turned me on to this piece quickly. Looking forward to more music similar to this!

(Thank you, so much, for your Bandcamp link!!!)


InvisibleObserver responds:

Big bundle of appreciation from your responses Zageron, next weeks upload is a bit fidget-glitchy as well, though more dance-esque. I think it will go over well on NG, its much more catchy.

Time will tell. D:


Reminds me of video games, I like it! Well Done =)

InvisibleObserver responds:

One of the early synths used is very VG-eque. Not quite intentional, but I agree with you.


I've been listening to this for about an hour now, why is it not getting old?

InvisibleObserver responds:

Unsure, but I think that reflects well of me. :D

I'm at the stage where I can't stand listening to it from having it loop so much during its creation.


I love this song, it fits to a lot of things with his many type of sounds and noises. Especially the clock's noise, I don't know why but I'll like a song more than another if there's a clock's noise in. Also, the song make me feel like there's confusion somewhere. Anyway, I love it and I really want you to do more songs like these soon.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Prepare yourself for disappointment:

They are noises from a type writer, not a clock. Though the mechanics probably aren't too different.

I'll be uploading more songs in the near future, though I won't make any genre promises.

Wierd but cool...

Sounds like you just created a whole new genre man, nice work!
Kinda reminds me of a track from Bomberman64

InvisibleObserver responds:

I don't think its quite new-genre worthy, it certainly is best defined as a mashup of multiple existing ones though.

Which level from Bomberman would you associate it to? I played that game an awful lot when I was younger. I'm pretty sure it introduced me to breakbeat music from the battle options menu screen.