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Reviews for "Tether Your Consideration"


I've been listening to this for about an hour now, why is it not getting old?

InvisibleObserver responds:

Unsure, but I think that reflects well of me. :D

I'm at the stage where I can't stand listening to it from having it loop so much during its creation.

Quiet lovely

I have grown to love your music style alot. Your experimental tracks a very magnetic in my opinion. They attract you and make you want to stay there and wonder what is going to happen. Every track you make is soo diffrint from the last wich keeps me on top of my seat. But also makes me wonder will i like the next one?

And i have to say i like it! It did give me a little nostalgia feeling. Like watching a old 80's synthPop scifi-movie. Howevar i feel like some synths are over powering. I am the last person to critic on mixing. Still its not a bad mix i have to add, this is just a matter of taste.

Anyways a good solid track. Cant wait to hear more ;)

InvisibleObserver responds:

Thanks YouriX.

You bring up something I wonder a lot about people who fan me on NG, which is how they feel about my rather spaztic genre uploading. I'm a bit surprised no one has outright said to me something sucks compared to my last few songs.

If you're familiar with a concept of auteur theory (author theory, its a film thing), it roughly suggests that a director of a film (the head honcho making decisions) if artistic, will have throughout ones works collective idea's, themes, styles recogniseable only within that persons work.

A big part of me should hope that similar things are notable between my songs, even though the genre/styles often vary, and further hope that people actually can develope an interest in that dynamic... instead of say always expecting me to do trance non-stop.

As for mixing, The warbly clean synth thats really quite loud at parts is a simple 3 sine layer 3xOsc. I have mixed it to be on top and with its rather wide sound, it does dominate the volume at parts, but I've been careful so to not drown out other things. Have a good listen, it is louder and attention grabbing, but things still go on.

Next weeks submission is a mildly funky fidget-dance-down tempo track. I suspect it will do well on NG.

:O . . .

As soon as I discover dubstep and think "what other good songs are there?" You go and upload this. Evolving as always, amazing as always.

InvisibleObserver responds:

Well I should be uploading a song just about every week for 4-5 weeks or so alongside uploading another album to my bandcamp. I'm sure you shouldn't have any trouble finding listening music outside of me and dubstep though. :P


Reminds me of video games, I like it! Well Done =)

InvisibleObserver responds:

One of the early synths used is very VG-eque. Not quite intentional, but I agree with you.

Definitely Dub Step

Also, definitely AWESOME.

You, sir, are a master of mastering. Perfect sound levels throughout. You did a great job balancing so many different synths without making any of them stand out too much. At the same time, it never got cacophonous, either.

The other thing about this that stood out was that you went out of your way to make sure this track would be original and constantly evolving. Even with all the variations, there were still clear themes that ran through the track. That gave a nice continuous flow.

Add to that: beats as flawless as I've seen on NG. I especially liked the compression on the snares (either that or they're one sick preset). Nice variations in the tempo and seamless transitions.

5/5 | 10/10 -- COUNT IT!

InvisibleObserver responds:

I think the louder repeating snare is 2 sounds mixed together to form a 'new' one. I'd have to open the file to know precisely, but I can tell you its not a tacked in preset. :P

Have a peak at Building and Significate Epitome, they are wandery-evolving as well in nature, though generally speaking slower paced. They might be up your ally. I guess let me know and I won't make the mistake of recommending them to you again. The cleverness being why would I anyways. Hur-hur.

Thanks for the comments on the beats. I've been really amping up my time spent on mixing and production, and this is probably one of my more recent peices where I spent some focus time on the percussion... b ut that being said this song is more textural and wandery in tings I spent alot of time on. I think the drums are nice and well enough done, but I don't think they are quite "take your pants off, drop your jaw" amazing.

Have a listen to SessileNomad 's music, he writes IDM (break-beat/jungle off shoot) which is home to very complex and fast percussion.