Reviews for "The Final Dare"

5/5 10/10

Great game. To short tho. Here's what I think of it.

1. Effects: The lighting effects where really nice. I really like them nice job.
2. Music: Very nice selection of music
3. Script: Nice script. I really enjoyed reading it.
4. Preloader: Very nice preloader.
5. Font: Truly stunning font. Nice selection

1. Way to short.
2. Graphics: Picture quality could have been better.

I Recommend:
1. Make it a bit longer.
2. Make the next button with a bit of transparent background. This way, viewers don't have to actually click the button. (They could just click a few pixels beside it)

That's all. Very nice art and a great read. I didn't find any bugs or anything like that. Anyways, great submition. Will there be another one?

Mechabloby responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review. I think I'd prefer it if I could click the button and not the small area behind it, though and no, this is the final Dared game - hence the name. :P


Ten stars 'cos you said you'd put more effort in and you can see that here.
It was short, but I really liked it, thought the two endings were good.
Liked how Humanity has the truth hidden from them because they seem to prefer a world full of deception and lies. Really liked it :)

Mechabloby responds:

Yayyyy!! One of the first person to understand the game's plot, right here!!

Hey there mechabloby :)

This is a really good game to be honest with you, I couldn't play it all the way through because I kept losing ;_; but the parts I did get to were fun, I liked the visual style it was pretty unique. Also I loved the intro and such... Music selection was nice as always! :D

Well hmm.. I will ttyl then good buddy ^_^ <333

Mechabloby responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it but how the heck did you keep losing? ;P


if i had a game lkie this for my psp i would love it or for wii ether way i would like it.

Mechabloby responds:

You can play and watch flashes on your wii. Why not try it like that? o:

A 3.24!?!?!?!?

Dude i thought this was pretty decent but you got a 3.24
oh well atleast this got an underdog :D

Mechabloby responds:

Umm, thanks? o: