Reviews for "The Final Dare"

This is pretty good and definitely an improvement over the third game. Nice job!


nice try, but i got bored instantly.
i had no idea where i was, who i was or what i was doing.
if you made a few improvements it coold be better:')


short but when u pick the truth, it make me jump,u get a 9 for scaring me.

I'm sorry to say.....

...but I had no idea what was happening. The only reason I found out about the whole "The Truth is Hidden/The Government is lying to us/We Live in a World of Deception/Ignorence is bliss" thing was from reading the reviews and your comments . Don't get me wrong, the fact you're aiming for something very deep and meaningful is comendable, it just flew over my head completely.

Anyway, the atmoshere was intense and the whole thing was just unnerving.
Good job.Please make more, and if you do, please make it at least a little bit more understandable for us dim bulbs.

Mechabloby responds:

Ah, that's not a problem. I do hope to make another game like this which might fire off its own series, but if I was to, I don't know when I'd start work on it - I have so many other projects I want to do right now.... I guess you could say I prefer animating right now but, i really would like to create another unnerving piece like this.

Thanks for your review.

Loved it

And not just for the music. ;)

I love Adventure games, I really do. I'm going to be rather pretentious here and say that I thought the idea was something like about how knowledge is a type of power and how it is controlled (and we don't see by who), that only a few people have it and that it can be a dangerous power.

I also took from it that everything we think we know are just perceptions and the biggest obstacle of truth is life itself. Ultimately, man must remain ignorant.

The fist instance is truth aobut the real world, the second is divine truth.

I didn't even see it as political.

Mechabloby responds:

My fucking god, you're the only person who managed to point the main idea out from the whole series.

I've not been around on this submission in some time so if I said that I was basing it upon political issues and all, then I said it because the government do try and hide things away from the general public as they think we are not ready for the truth, yet.

Why the hell did we stop PMing each other? :(