Reviews for "The Final Dare"

didnt like it...

sorry but it was very confusing and a bit errie and scary

Mechabloby responds:

I think this review is a poorly written one BUT I also like it because I know that the game is effective for scaring others and all that jazz. Thanks for telling me. ;P

-this space for rent-

I have played your first two games and I thought of them as slightly better than this one. But, your final installment was unnecessary in my point of view. I think you were trying to prove this as the real ending for the series. Well, it should
have been better if you added this short scene towards the second 'Dared'.
I appreciate that the other two games had a decent score because it was a frightening experience, not knowing if something was coming toward you. Yet, this one really disappointed me as a ending.

~ To improve on~

+ I am not so sure if my laptop is acting up or your game is really too dark to see anything. I was having a hard time trying to get a better view as to where I'm going that I was moving my laptop screen up and down.

+ Directions to get to places were really annoying. Sometimes, you click that arrow and you end up in the same room you were in. I did that several times without knowing until I have found out.

+ A really short ending without doing anything but move around like a total dumass. Huge misunderstanding that nothing came out to scare you or any of the knowing 'truth' I have been trying to find out for the last two games. It just gave me a straight answer or you die for picking the wrong choice.

+ It would have been better if you added some of your own background graphics than any still animation from a website. But, hey! The music was top-notch including the past two games.

Mostly I agree with Kris-monkey. It has its potential but its missing a few parts. But I agree with my opinion (in the beginning of the review) You should have just added this part of the story to the last. Still, I enjoyed your last two games! ;)

Mechabloby responds:

Thank you for such a great review. I've gotta be go so I'll just briefly respond to this. I know about the problem with the buttons and how they annoy people when they don't know where they are going and the buttons are much darker in this game so it might not of been your laptop's screen making it all look darker than usual.

And I kind of wanted to stick to the same graphics that I used in the past two games due to it being my first real serious game thing - in the future, I know the games I may produce shall be much better and shall contain my own graphics.

Thanks for the review.

This piece is Fail

I mean it provided AT MOST 2 minutes of gameplay and IT TOOK FOREVER TO LOAD. Next time make something how you say... better would be my only way to "constructivly" suggest something to this.

Mechabloby responds:

Great review, there. It has helped me with all my problems.

Seriously, write a fucking proper review, you daft cunt. It's not a problem that you're giving it a 0, just say what needs to be better and how I could improve on it instead of acting like a total ass-wipe in your review and acting like you know tonnes more which I doubt you fucking well do.

If you know what you'd like to see in this game, why not fucking share it with me - that's what a good review does. Seriously, if you can't even specifically say what needs improving without acting like a high and mighty fuck, then don't fucking write a fucking review.

This review is shitty and I hope it is deleted by a review mod.

Edit: About the filesize. I'm sure one day that I'll go through this game again and fix it up here and there and I'll try to work really hard on compressing this flash file down to at least 5MB or something so viewers don't have to wait so long.

If you're stressed about the file size, you still didn't need to bring it all out in your review. Seriously, keep fucking calm and then your review wouldn't be considered as completely abusive.

good but

well i was gonna give it a five but the maker spoke to molton44 like an ass soo 3

Mechabloby responds:


Its good

Well, I haven't played the first 2, I don't know if I want to either. But I like the game and the games atmosphere. It was hard knowing the way you were going. Although it was VERY short, I just choose freedom and there it was, game completed. Anyway, its a good game, I probably could have taken some more time to explore, the game was 10 mb!

Mechabloby responds:

Why don't you want to play the other games?