Reviews for "The Final Dare"

5/5 10/10

Great game. To short tho. Here's what I think of it.

1. Effects: The lighting effects where really nice. I really like them nice job.
2. Music: Very nice selection of music
3. Script: Nice script. I really enjoyed reading it.
4. Preloader: Very nice preloader.
5. Font: Truly stunning font. Nice selection

1. Way to short.
2. Graphics: Picture quality could have been better.

I Recommend:
1. Make it a bit longer.
2. Make the next button with a bit of transparent background. This way, viewers don't have to actually click the button. (They could just click a few pixels beside it)

That's all. Very nice art and a great read. I didn't find any bugs or anything like that. Anyways, great submition. Will there be another one?

Mechabloby responds:

Thanks for the lengthy review. I think I'd prefer it if I could click the button and not the small area behind it, though and no, this is the final Dared game - hence the name. :P


Well, fair enough you must have a point your trying to get across through the 3 Games, sadly, you havent actually portrayed anything at all....
I like the style of the game, and the atmosphere created, but either your trying too hard to make this mysterious, and not getting anywhere, or you've tried to make the players think for themselves, but there is nothing to go on.
Try and Create more of a background story instead of switching plots and leaving the story nowhere.

Mechabloby responds:

I know what you're saying but I wanted to do that for the past two flashes so you're thinking to yourself 'Ay, up. Why has the plot completely changed! I need answers!' and so, this flash ends up giving, not really answers but a reason why we don't get the answers or truth that we want.

-.- wow its... short

i like it but its too short...

Mechabloby responds:

As it's kind of meant to be.

I remember when this first came out.

The atmosphere is well done but there really isn't much more too it. Finished in three minutes. Decent though.

Mechabloby responds:



This was probably one of the strangest submissions I've ever seen come to Newgrounds. The preloader art is awesome, I must say. Also, at the end, the story had me asking questions, but I suppose that's what I'd expect from a strange game. The gameplay is very basic, however. Work on having it more detailed in that area.

Overall, I thought this was an amuzing, well-drawn, basic game.

I give an 8... out of ten.

Mechabloby responds:

Nah, I think I'll keep the gameplay the same. I like it more like that but maybe in the future, my point and click games won't have you clicking on arrows but more of parts of the screen. We'll see. :)