Reviews for "Tutorial 4"

good, helped, actually.

it actually helped me with that stabbing part. 8/10. and, to littlelyckylink, i heard that msn noise too! i was fooled too, hehe..

I know this is old and you have improved but...

I just wanted to review it to set things right...

Well first of all, everything was pretty choppy and lazy. So I'll break it down into sections...

It was alright, but teaching people how to do it basic is a bad idea. As for the stabbing part, it was too stiff, he didn't have a right reaction, and there was no body reaction to the guy bringing back the sword.

I guess it was alright, still pretty choppy. Especially the whole, "bringing it back" part, work on easing.

This section has the worst flaws, for example, why is it that when he fires the pistol, there's a reaction to the body, yet when he fires a huge assault rifle, there is none? Not to mention the choppiness of the reactions, they were just a couple frames of the body moving back, I would recommend more lean, and don't do anything with the feet, they stay where they are.

The walking that PX9 did was horrible. He didn't make the characters slide right, because the truth is, they don't slide. It's just an illusion made by not giving too much hop to the bodies, and the feet doing a bit of sliding before comming to a full stop.

:::Blood::: The blood was also badly animated, it was alright, but it needed to leave off with a spray effect, not a choppy line thing...

Over all, it was alright, but lazy and choppy.

P.S. Why was it that I hear the sound that MSN makes when someone signs on in the song? Every time that part came up I was fooled into looking to see who signed on..



kool but....

is that download file safe for my comp?


I m sorry, but walking wasn t right...
but of course it s wery helpfully for noobs