Reviews for "Rambo2: First Slug"

That was genius.

I loved the part when the hostages said "thank you". Really great lulz.

Kinda funny

That was a fairly simple movie with a dash of humor.
The reason this only gets a 7 is because you did no animation.

Poor Rambo.

Everyone busts on Rambo. Really funny!! I always thought that if it wasnt flash it got taken off the portal. HUH? Any one want to tell me if thats true?! Cuz I'll have more to post if you can! PLEASE! TELL ME! JK I'm not that crazy. Or desperate, but someone could tell me than that would be cool. BTW I'm NOT an internet predator. ;)


I would've enjoyed quake mash-up more, but I guess this fits the bill

rambo: first blood part 2 is my favorite movie.. so yeah :P

"Thank you"

"Thank you" "thank you" "thank you" "thank you" "thank you"...

Funny stuff... I've never seen any of the Rambo movies nor have I played Metal Slug, but I still found that hilarious.