Reviews for "Rambo2: First Slug"

As a fan of metal slug

This is incredible

the "thankyou" got a tad annoying but then i saw the IN over the helicopter and laughed really really hard

great stuff man


It was funny but I wish you had just made it a little longer. =(

That was Great.

I just think you should have made some like visual stuff, like little points racking up on the enemies or something, but it was pretty funny.



That wasn't really funny at all. Maybe if you had added some more... I don't know.

MindChamber responds:

haha wow, the most constructive criticism yet!

ya your right, it wasn't funny, maybe I should dress up like a rabbi, and sing about chlamydia..

haha never mind that aint funny either. I can see why you couldnt come up with any suggestions :)

im not so sure

ithink it a little funny but you coul have made somthing better of this film