Reviews for "Rambo2: First Slug"


Pretty funny, indeed :P


Very very nice Rambo vid with a very awesome MS tiwst indeed! I like it a lot! I give it a perfect 10/10! XD heh heh heh!


Now, I know it's not a flash but I can't believe you drew each frame so lifelike in Photoshop then imported into Flash! Oh yes, PS can definitely work wonders. And the fact that you drew and animated it JUST LIKE the movie and imported every frame into Flash (but with cooler sounds) was incredible and shows how diligent you are. I... I just can't get over it! You truly are an awesome artist with a shitload of potential.

MindChamber responds:

hahah suck a dick already

Made me smile.

Executed well, brought back memories of the prisoners from the original metal slugs, and yes Rambo and Metal Slug both referenced each other pretty well in this.

Now you have to make a Metal Slug with Rambo sounds :D

To the dicks who post bad reviews, sure there was hardly any effort at all in this flash, but that is no reason to call MindChamber a Dick and shit all over this flash. Sure you may not get the jokes and not like it because it isn't animated, but vote fairly in the future it is better than the ass that is the flash portal shitting out turds every minute. You guys should be ashamed.

Nicely Idea, Nicely Executed.


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