Reviews for "EAW:Episode1"

There I Was

Minding my own businesswith this teen rated flash (for mild text) and suddenly I was confronted by an ERECT PENIS!?
Still it was fun to watch

evilatwork responds:

Found it in your drawer. :P


I definitely liked the ending, credits: "For Making this... Zach" made me feel special, and not the retarded way either... Can't wait to try and help this thing keep going!

But one thing... WTF is up with the Penis, and how did this only make Teen?

evilatwork responds:

Well if a teen hasn`t seen a penis what has a teen seen. :P

i dug it

i like it biut you didnt count the explicit nudity at the end with the penis lol but yeah good job though i love your style

evilatwork responds:

Thanks and thats no penis is a lolipop.

Nice style buddy

Short and sweet, I liked it. Your animation style is nice. Very soft colors and smooth movement. Ill definatly look at the episodes to come! Good job. Just maybe make it a bit longer?

evilatwork responds:

Thanks..and the shortness is due to the lenght of the music.


cool stuff. Well good quility spam. I like groups like that. keep it up.

evilatwork responds:

RWD was our inspiration...