Reviews for "EAW:Episode1"


I'm a little confused, the style changed completelly after the first couple of scenes. Oh well.

evilatwork responds:

Its a collaboration between people changing the style was the point.

What happen?

Wen I first watch the preloader, & the dude pull the sponge from the wall, I was thinking to vote it 4 or 5...

But wen things get weird & the story/visual get worse, I changed my mind, I vote it 3.

I dunno y suddenly things get crappy while the 1st part & preloader are good/excellent, maybe u got tired or something. If so, try to take some rest den continue on ur work.. How bout make more storyline? Instead of music video /
inner expression? cuz ppl DO enjoy story...

Good luck in the future!

PS : The credit & preloader got style in it, try to make more something like dat,
Simple & plain, but not too simple

evilatwork responds:

Its a collaboration things should be random.


this is some kinda..., boring.

evilatwork responds:

Yea it was a pain to watch.


cool stuff. Well good quility spam. I like groups like that. keep it up.

evilatwork responds:

RWD was our inspiration...


It is interesting to say the least.
Not much really happens in this flash.
But I must warn you to be careful where your backgrounds cover the stage.
At the start I noticed white lines where the black rectangle just missed out coving the whole stage. Just minor but something to fix.


evilatwork responds:

*burp* whatcha say.....?