Reviews for "The Great Kitchen Escape"


I fially figured out how to get the knife and beat the game!!!
Frusterating but fun.

Pretty good.

Not a bad game. I liked the idea at the end. Combining items is always fun.

Not Bad !!!

But its really short game !!! :(


As much as I like those games, it's only difficult the first time you play it.
Here's a simple walkthrough for those that gets stuck *SPOILERS WARNING*
-Grab the kettle, the mixer and the beater from the first room. Head left.
-Click on the bird cage and click on the bird. Grab its feather, exit, click on the dog.
-Use the feather on the dog, grab the collar. Head to the left again.
-Search this place for the fish, a bowl and a cable.
-Place the bowl next to the stove and put the fish in it.
-Go left and click on the radio. Click on it again (on the right side) so you see the back of it. Grab the batteries from it. Go left again to the starting area.
-Put the kettle in the sink and fill it with water. Plug it in (click on the cable and put it on the kettle then click on the cable again) and press the small button on the upper part of the handle.
-Head back to the place where you left the fish.
-Pour the hot water into the bowl with the fish.
-Examine the bowl and grab the knife.
-In the upper left corner of the screen, there's a hammer. Click on it (it says "Construct"). Drag all items to the right slots (collar in the round place etc).
-Click on the drill once you've placed all items there
-Head back to the place where you got the feather. Use the drill on the door.
Voila, you've passed the game.
If something is unclear, send a PM.

It's a shame that this game is only difficult the first time as after that, you'll probably have everything memorized.


2 easy but thats probly cuz i play a lot of escape games only the thing in the fish was hard for me to get out but i like the music so i say 8 out of 10 good work just make it a harder next time thanx