Reviews for "The Great Kitchen Escape"




Aight peace guys heres a guide! I dont do this often!
1.get the kettle
2.go left and click the radio twice to get the batteries
3.search around for a mixer(lower drawer under the hatch.A frozen fish(top area of fridge.A beater(fairly obvious.A dog collar(later explain).A cord(also obvious).A feather.(click the middle of the parrots tail).A bowl(extremely obvious).
4. fill the kettle with water and put it on the stand.click the power cord and click the base of the kettle.click the head of the cord to connect it to the switch.
5.click the switch on the kettle(its a little dot)
6.use the feather on the dog.(you get the collar)
7.click the bowl and put it on the table next to furnace(which is also next to fridge)
8.click the frozen fish and put it in the bowl.
9. click the kettle with boiling water and click the bowl to pour it in.
10 click the bowl for close-up and click the knife.
11.now the only things left is the collar,mixer,knife,beater and batteries.
click the little ? on top left hand side of screen.
12.click the items and place them on the correct slot of paper.
13.you get the power drill.
14.head to the door(its next to the parrot's cage)and use the power drill on it.
15.Voila you have completed this game!

Next time think a little more before you cheat.I used my logic in this!

lol great

people are stuck on this...how its easy and really fun use the feather on dog and kniffe is for constroct. put bowl on bench then put frozen fish in and add hott water for knife

call you help me???

it was so damn hard... i donoe wat to do with the knife and the collar...

i think... put the water into the bowl and (give to the dog/melt the fish) but i cant even mix things together!!!!??


ok so ive constructed the battery, mixer and whisky thingy
And i know i need the knife and dog collar to finish it
but i cant for the life of mne thaw out the fish!!
my idea was fish in bowl, hot water in bowl, but it wnt let me do tht = /
And it wont let me take the dog collar!
Fun game but i have no idea what to do next....