Reviews for "The Great Kitchen Escape"


that was fun
power drill out of the house xD
it was really annoying to get the knife off the frozen fish though
imean its a goddamn kitchen how hard is it to get a fish defrost? wheres the microwave?!!!
but it worked out still just wish there were more ways to accomplish the goal in the end xD


not as good as the other one i played earlier a little too far fetched with the items i though,i prefer it to be the type where its logical and i spend hrs kicking myself after think...oh yeah omg lol..this got on my nerves a little to be fair.


Cute drawings. Love the colors. It's a fun time-killer.

alright game

its a good game tho could have been a bit longer and it took me ages to work out the feather/dog thing lol. good effort tho.

Ok game

Game is pretty good, though some of the clues were pretty annoying. For example, why can't I just mix the bowl and hot water and fish? I have to put the bowl on one specific spot in the kitchen to mix all the things together? Totally lame, that's not making us good detectives that's just making things really tedious.