Reviews for "The Great Kitchen Escape"

Small Game, long Comment

This was a step up from the living room. I like that this has the same style as the other escape adventure, I like that sort of cohesion in related games but I can appreciate the small improvements.
Any point 'n click has that period of arbitrary clicking to build an inventory but the 'create' tool here was more effective than the method of random clicking for possible item combination within the inventory I used in the last game. Also, the tool adds another level of play (without taking away the simplicity that makes this game charming) by creating a separate 'item to illustration' match puzzle- personally, I tried to figure out how to get the blinds open on the window thinking the collar was sunshine.


Cute little games.. Like little time wasters!


2 easy but thats probly cuz i play a lot of escape games only the thing in the fish was hard for me to get out but i like the music so i say 8 out of 10 good work just make it a harder next time thanx


this is a horrible game...u might want to do better graphics

It was alright

It was short and simple, I enjoyed it.