Reviews for "The Great Kitchen Escape"


like your style =)
i hope too see more of you^^

Very Nice

I enjoyed this little adventure quite a lot.
Its got an excellent cartoon style and the interactions are amusing and logical.
Not very long, but an excellent example of a short amusment.
Keep up the good work!

PS. To a previous reviewer, i think the dog collar is used to attach the two items so they can be used in the required way and not just to look cool.


that game is best.
but so easy (i beat it at 10 minutes)
i like it. lol!

Positively Different

I really like the fact that your game looks different than the rest. I've played quite a lot of escape games, and most of them are characterized by the same type of poor graphics: straight angles, simple shapes, single colors...like a purely blue background and a few rectangles slapped on it that represent a chair, etc. You've drawn stuff at a much greater and deeper detail, and I really appreciate the variety of objects in the background (compared to other similar games). Otherwise, it's the usual click-everywhere-until-you-discover-a ll-clickable-areas gameplay taken to the next level (I suppose :)). You can combine objects, objects can interact with objects, etc. I like that, and I like the game. Good job.


i cant beat it. help!