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Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 9"


Hell Seven Stars old ass game but it kicked ass. Great job on the background it was right on and you had the music to go with it awesome job once again.


this flash is just overall pretty awesome

"Oh my, a three headed piranha plant."

"Hi guys!"
"Hi guys!!"
"What up crackers?!!"

Truely, didn't see that one coming... But I must say, it was quite a good one, heh. Wonderful job on a non-pixel episode of Bowser's Kingdom, I would have to say my favorite scene was with Geno, I wont include details, in case some havent watched it yet. But I have to say, you made him look quite badass, like he should be shown as. =P

Keep up the wonderful work! Can't wait to see the next episode! Maybe the next could be a combination of both Pixel and drawn... That would be an interesting mix for this comedic series.



Peach got boobs!

and we don't forget...



Is Geno still gonna blow up Japan since he's not in Brawl?