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Reviews for "Bowser's Kingdom: Eps 9"

You did it again!

I love this series! They always make me laugh and ROFL! I loved the art too! the storyline was also good which fully gives u a perfect score from me and all of the other Newgrounds users! You guys rock! I want u guys to keep working in another more 10000000000000000000 episodes!

omgyou aer so fucking awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dudes this is the funyist shit in the hole world you awsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know i've said it before but i bears repeating

GENO RULES!!!! I like the duos attempts at getting stars and when they hit on Peach. The bonus ending things were good to. I kinda wish Jynx was in there but oh well still good. Nice drawings and LUCKY CANDY!!!!!

More great work! Why aren't you rich yet?

Just perfect. Loved it Rucky Candy! XD
I'm waiting for Smash Kingdom 2. Something you should really look into if you haven't.


This is THE funniest thing i have watched in my life! even the critics can't hate this! the princess Peach part with karate duo was hilarious XD! and i agree that malo is useless.LUCKY CANDY!!!