Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"


Gotta rock em' all!

Burn7 responds:

Give me an Amp, a Pidgey, and 3 tons of Mountain Dew. It's Rockemon time.

Sick stuff

Great guitar playing, a little sloppy, but well done - and it's a lot cleaner than my playing :P
Good effects and great drums, too. What virtual drums are you using? They samples sound fucking sexy, especially the toms :P

Burn7 responds:

I gave your "Black White and Red" a listen and... really, your playing is probably better than mine is :P

But yeah, I definitely should have mastered this, or at least re-recorded my sloppiness. I would have if I had realized it was going to get so much fucking attention >.<

I use XLN Audio's Addictive Drums. It's a pretty sexy fuckin' kit. I did most of the EQ'ing on the kit myself though. I like to try and bring out the punchiness of the kick/toms, and most of the presets don't have that power that I enjoy.

Glad you liked it :)

Awesome cover

Reminds me of how great the show used to be to watch actually. From season one to three I found it to be a very good show and starting at season four it has began to slowly go downhill with it's plotline, season five seems a bit promising with the return of Giovanni and a change in attitude from Jesse and James.

The guitars sound excellent here and I like how the yboth sound. The bass line is simple yet incredible and lovely. The drums are heavy like people running to find a Pokemon they have always wanted and they fight together to one day became the Champions.

Overall, good times, slick cover!! <3

Burn7 responds:

Freaking thanks! I always loved the Pokemon TV series, and had kinda secretly always wanted to cover this song. So when the opportunity came I frigging jumped.

Glad you liked it :D


I loved this cover of this kick ass song from our childhood. The best thing about it is that you can post a status on facebook and instantly people will know the lyrics.

Only flaw is that the instrumental was confusing to follow I mean it felt kind of sure. None the less it kicked ass. Keep up the good work!

Burn7 responds:

I agree. Without the main melody part, it's oddly difficult for the song to stay together. It's an interesting piece of music, and it was interesting to cover because of that.

But I'm glad you liked it :D


The perfect Monday song! A reviving Pokemon theme too!