Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"

all i gatta say is

beast mode

Burn7 responds:

You know, I never really liked it when people used that term.

Not online, it's fine when people say it on the internet. But when people actually say "Beast Mode" out loud I just fucking groan.

ANYWAY lol thanks! :D

Upload the Vocals :B I want it for my Ipod

dude it's really cool.. I feel like the drums were out of time only for a second.. but I really like the style of this song... I'll download it :D.. it's freakin awesome

Burn7 responds:

I actually did upload a version with the VoX, check it out by going to my mainpage thingy. It's probably my newest song still.

Hope you like it :D


I never imagined i would ever favorite a pokemon song @_@

Burn7 responds:

I honestly never imagined I would be covering a Pokemon song. But sometimes that's what happens when you have a childhood. You get this stupid thing called "Nostalgia" and it forces you to do shit like that.


I can see this used in an intense fighting scene in Dragonball Z!

Wait, would Lucario be in that equation, afterall Sean Shemmel DOES play him!
You know, Son Goku? Yeah!

I can picture a Yin-Yang-ish fight between Lucario & Zoroark when I listen to this music!

Now I'm thinking of Goku vs. Frieza for some odd reason...



this is an awsome cover could you please release one with vocals please!

Burn7 responds:

I actually did, check it out: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/423916

Thanks :D