Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"

This song

Cures cancer

Burn7 responds:

Fucking start paying, world.

This is pretty sick!

This is bringing back some childhood memories with a punch in the face and it's some great quality shit. I mean I don't know how to give it a lower score, it's what it is a hardcore pokemon theme cover. Unless you hate pokemon or rock music I don't see how you could give it any lower it was perfectly executed.

Burn7 responds:

Hah, thanks man. I'm glad you liked that shit :D


WOW, man this is crazy, i was just about to goto bed but i listend too this and it got me SP FRICKEN HYPED my hearts poundig that was amazing my friend :), you must tell me how you achieve such great tone :)

10/10 !!!!
134227658356847847896863587/5 !!!!!!!!!!!

Burn7 responds:


I always EQ my guitars and try to get every last bit of awesome tone out of them that I can. I actually use a freeware EQ called "Antares ConsoleEQ", it's pretty shmexy :)

Fuck yeah.

Best pokemon theme remix i've heard.


i love it