Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"

Now I know this is going to sound wierd but..

Could you please put this song up with the lyrics? :D I thought they were hilarious. Haha, great piece either way.


Burn7 responds:

Yup. I dropped it up just cause you asked. I though about but just hadn't yet.

Thanks for getting me off my ass lol

all i gatta say is

beast mode

Burn7 responds:

You know, I never really liked it when people used that term.

Not online, it's fine when people say it on the internet. But when people actually say "Beast Mode" out loud I just fucking groan.

ANYWAY lol thanks! :D

Upload the Vocals :B I want it for my Ipod

dude it's really cool.. I feel like the drums were out of time only for a second.. but I really like the style of this song... I'll download it :D.. it's freakin awesome

Burn7 responds:

I actually did upload a version with the VoX, check it out by going to my mainpage thingy. It's probably my newest song still.

Hope you like it :D


It remember me from Pokemon.But this @#$% is a Pokemon song cover!!What the fcuk i am thinking.We are nuts!

This just...