Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"

You're my favourite audio artist.

Growing up with Pokemon, I've always been a Pokemon fan. Hearing some awesome guitar, which kicks ass, melded into one of the best theme songs ever is even more amazing. Please, more metal songs. <3.

Burn7 responds:

Freaking yes more metal. That's what I love doing, so that's what I shall continue with.

Thanks for you review.


this is an awsome cover could you please release one with vocals please!

Burn7 responds:

I actually did, check it out: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/423916

Thanks :D


awesome cover. keep up the amazing work. 10/10


Poke`Mon too. What next? This is very impressive. If you talk to the right people they could really set you up to be a theme writer. Plus I can really see this doing good for the poke`mon fans out there too. Teaming up with somebody could give you more buzz. And to be honest nobody thought that the theme song to poke`mon could ever be remodeled to be GOOD. What will you do next?
Congrates on the number one spot too. it looks like sombody really likes you.
p.s. keep up the good work.

Burn7 responds:

I know, somebody is watching my ass >.>

It kinda feels weird deep down inside. Like I'm being stalked by the Gods of NG or something.

This song is wicked awesome.

It reminds me of me when I kick Pokemon ass with my Feraligatr and Lugia and Soul Silver. Nice.