Reviews for "B7 - Pokemon TV Theme Cover"

Now I know this is going to sound wierd but..

Could you please put this song up with the lyrics? :D I thought they were hilarious. Haha, great piece either way.


Burn7 responds:

Yup. I dropped it up just cause you asked. I though about but just hadn't yet.

Thanks for getting me off my ass lol

This song

Cures cancer

Burn7 responds:

Fucking start paying, world.

This was pokemon?

Ok, this is the lowest I've ever given you yet I believe.

Reason: well while this feels like it was made with good intent the whole end product felt messy and nothing truly shone out, the guitar was wrestling with whatever else there was in a no holds barred 'I want to be the main sound' all song and the only time it shines through is near the end.

I mean, in comparison to your other work this isn't good. In your other work the stuff you put in works together and takes its turn in shining out. In this, they all fight for the spotlight all too much.

I mean the other killer is that I can't even regonise the pokemon in this except through very few parts and that's it. Then again, your words about the vox version worries me and leads me to believe this was made under some restrictions so take this with a pinch of salt but still...

Well one bad egg isn't going to kill you...I think.

Oh and I think you also missed the one where they have a gay room-mate to help pay the bills*

*I also have no idea what I am talking about

Burn7 responds:

I really have to agree with you on this. In this mix, I had to stack both lead guitar parts on top of the rhythm, and place the solo in the center. This was all to leave the center channel mostly open for the vocals. Which are not in this version.

With my terrible vocals added, I think it sucks even worse though. I really don't even dislike this mix of the song actually.

And I hope one bad song in your opinion doesn't mean I am suddenly spiraling downwards into a black abyss of suckass music makery. I kinda like writing decently good music.

so awesome...

So much epicness is just spewing out of this song like goopy glop from an inflated balloon being squeezed with numerous tiny holes in it. The goopy glop serves as a metaphor symbolizing the epicness. I probably could have used a better word than "numerous".

I only have one complaint. Its not long enough. But I understand that it was made for a cartoon and had some purpose behind it other than just being a big bad awesome song. Even the bobble heads on my desk are head banging. But really they're just doing that because my desk is very large and slightly unstable. The whole thing shakes around just from me typing on the keyboard. That's a problem for another day I suppose.

Keep up the good work!

Burn7 responds:

How about "Multiple" or "Copious"?

I'm an English/Lit nerd sometimes.

Hah, yeah I know it's not very long. But at least you know why it's not any longer.

Glad I could rock the fuck out of your bobbleheads. Anyway, I'm going to stare at the graphic cleavage of this ad on the left of the page for a few more minutes, then click the "Respond!" button over there to my left.

... Ah, that's nice.


This song give an epic feel from start to finish... The guitars are perfect, the drums are perfect, solos are perfect, on top of it all you did an amazing job with making it sound like a super improved pokemon song.
I think this song makes a great character intro in a movie

Burn7 responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you liked it, I really tried for making an upgrade from the original into Metal badassery.

Thanks for giving it a listen! :D