Reviews for "Hikouki"

Not bad

It's not bad, and you've got potential.

1. Toy around with graphics to try and get some better looking ships.
2. Speed it up a bit and put in a mission progress bar.
3. Throw in some power ups.
4. Find some better music, and maybe work on the AI's attack pattern so it's less predictable, orat least a little harder.
5. make the current power-ups more distinguishable from the ground, and maybe make the things on the ground destructable. Sicne that's at first what I thought the nukes were for.

I didn't play for long so I'm not sure all what there was, but some of these should stick regardless. Goodluck and keep practicing.

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it in mind if I make the sequel. IIn the sequel, there will be more than one selectable plane (with the original still in it of course). I'll try to improve the engine as well as the player and enemy.

not bad

this game need more accion!

more accion xD

Not bad

I would have liked it more if there was buildings that you could blow up and it would have been nice if it took more than one shot to kill you.

But for a first attempt at this kind of game it's pretty well done.


it was ok but i think it could have been better if it was faster, it gets boring after a while

Keep working it

One could call this the basic framework for this kind of games, but thats just the beggining of it, a lot more of work on this concept and you call pull something really nice.