Reviews for "Hikouki"

like raiden

this game was alright got too boring to play after 5 minutes tho. I like powerups. and enemies that are harder to defeat. Try and put those in a sequel

Jp rolx ^^

Yah nice KI power bar and nice shinaide kudasai and HIKOUKI ;D

+200% scoring coz of that. Style makes the difference

Very slow

Try making it a bit faster.

I liked the special attack, good game

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks. I am planning on a sequel which I will make faster. Thing is, if I made it go too fast the background would run out. That's part of the reason why I made it so slow. I'll try making a sequel and learning more to mitigate this problem.


The thing that bothered me the most about this game, besides the low quality artwork, was the long gaps of absolutly no enemies and im kind of just chillin on the screen.... doin nothing.... usually when there is a break in games like this it is building up to something huge like boss, big waves of enemies, instead it was like 2 enemies, pause, 3 enemies, pause... etc... but nice try for your first time!

ViolentAJ responds:

Yeah, sorry about that. the sequel will have an improved engine (maybe not improved artwork though).


hmm the graphics are low and the game speed is too slow.
after a bit of time, its boring. keep trying.