Reviews for "Hikouki"

Great game

I loved it! THe Racism was spectacularly accurate and the game play was great. I think you really need item drops from enemies. Temp sheild, weapon upgrade, more nukes, ect. Work on your atrwork as well the ships were bland. I loved the artwork on the grass though lol.


Worth a five/ten right there my friend. Kool game.

Ships with weapons, asian racism what more ?

Priceless dialogue in the instructions and good game in all. Speed and graphics are only complaint, but more so on the speed factor. It is a good shooter and no one can really complain about the construction of the game. I just wish there was some Asian voiceover with commments like, "SUPER AWESOME JOB GREAT!" or "NANI?!?! FWIED WICE IS NOT OUR NATIONAL DISH."

Solid Game

It was a really solid game even though it wasn't graphically impressive. The game play was great and everything ran smoothly. Just work on the graphics a bit and I don't see why this wouldn't be a 10 submission.

ViolentAJ responds:

Thanks. I'll try to do so if/when I make the sequel.

Good ...

but lacks different primary weapons and or upgrades ^-^