Reviews for "Paper Chase"

Well done! Great animation, colors and fluidity! Μπράβο, υπέροχη δουλειά!:)

It was a lot of fun

The thing that was the coolest about this was how slick the animation was. I especially liked how smoothly everything moved in this. It's the kind of cartoon that makes you sad when it's all over. At least it was tons of fun while it lasted, especially with how it came back to the guy. The main character in this reminded me of the Nostalgia Critic. I guess it could be the red tie and the silhouette style that makes it look like he has a hat.

Everything just conflicts with itself in styles so many times. The silhouettes are strange to see against the far more colorful background particularly with how everything is so good in shades of yellow. I thought it might be something about a paper airplane, but it was something just as well. For dark overtones, everyone has a distinctive style to him or her.

Good Good

i liked the music and animation. I also liked how it ended.. Good work!


it was nicely done good animation and idea but the plot didnt fit with the name "paper chase" you would think he acctualy chased the paper but he just finds it crumpled up next to him and reads it and is like "hey i just lost this and it cameflying out of the sky and hit my head...Niicceeee" just make th eplot stick

Love the style

Great way of telling a small story, i especially loved the style of the animation, instead making it a bit arty ^^