Reviews for "Paper Chase"

its good

I like the animation,but the story is short


yeh, awesome

Sold Short

This was a great show. Very well animated, and had a "Fantasia 2000" feel to it. But it was so damn short! If there were more scenes involving the paper going around the city, nothing would stand between this flash and a 10 (or 5, depending on where you're rating).

2 Thumbs Up!

It was a great Flash! Congrats on the Front Page! You deserved it! It looks like a professional cartoon which is on one of the Major Companies like Cartoon Network. I found it flawless! Nice Backgrounds and coloring, along with smooth animating! Good Job! 10/10, 5/5! I'd love to see more of your work!


in the next video combine more elements what I mean is go beyond classical jazz and black people and do something original and at the same time classical