Reviews for "Paper Chase"

great animation

great animation and music but seems u took the idea from the Office, in the episode Where they make the dunder mifflin commercial

Short, but sweet

yeah that was some good animation and music. you should somehow make a series out of this.

not what i expected

it wasnt really a chase and the guy didnt even no it was missing

Very Creative

But the thing is that this needs to be longer with a greater storyline than just two people who encountered this paper incident. A greater one would be if somehow in a variety of ways, the paper document goes through many people, becomes a nuisance to the town, and many dangers occur. Then the man is all sad and droopy, and somehow the paper came back to him through air travel. If there is added humor, try to edit it by the man being happy when he gets it, but it is all messed up and he gets fired from some sort of job.
K, I was TOO specific and carried away... but try to think of a good idea like that.
Only then this flash will be 99.99% good.

Its ok

Make it longer.