Reviews for "Paper Chase"

to tell you the truth

it was a bit short...the paper didnt have much of an adventure here

A Favorite

I really loved the idea of it, it was amazing.

yeah i was like :O or xD but tbh i kept watching it, and tbh thats the key.
As some have previously said, your style is a charm, and i hope you keep that, its very nice and professional, i really enjoyed this!

Maybe one more person involved might of been nice for length but still not mandatory, great job! looking forward to seeing more !


That was nice xD liked the animation ;) but im agree with misterscoops =P

really cool

vey stylish way of animating, i was pretty sick of all of the egoraptor-esque animation out there, but ng seems to be getting some really talented and creative animators lately, good job!

Pretty fuckin cool.

I thought it was awesome. The style was amazing and the music fit perfectly. I didn't really get the point of it but...who fuckin cares? Got a spot in my favorites. Good work.